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Coaches responsibilities:

  • Follow and respect all return to play protocols
  • Ask players upon entry to the facility how they are physically feeling and administer non contact temperature check
  • Provide adequate physical distancing during practice and exercises
  • Ensure all players are using their own equipment (no sharing)
  • Wear a face mask during coaching
  • Handle all club equipment (place, pick up, touch cones, discs, etc.)
  • Clean and sanitize equipment before and after each practice
  • Will not come within 6 feet of any player
    • Exception - if injury occurs and player requires first aid

Parent responsibilities:

  • Follow and respect all return to play protocols as noted
  • Check the player's temperature before heading to the facility or game - ensure below 99.5 degrees F 
  • Notify the club immediately if your child becomes ill
  • Ensure your child has hand sanitizer and plenty of water
  • Ensure washing (e.g. hands) takes place before and after every training
  • Ensure clothes and equipment (clothes, cleats, ball, shin guards etc.) are washed/sanitized before and after every training
  • Remain at fields during practice and stay in car and/or maintain social distancing guidelines per federal, state, and local regulations 

Player responsibilities:

  • Follow and respect all return to play protocols as noted
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer
  • Place bags and equipment in designated team area and at least 6 feet apart from other players
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food, or bags
  • Wear mask before and after practices - when walking to/from car
  • Wash hands thoroughly and immediately after events
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after events

A few general guidelines:

  • Always maintain Social Distancing in and around the complex
  • If you do not feel well...STAY AWAY.
  • Coaches have been instructed not to come within 6 feet of any player or their possessions (unless administering first aid)



Will students' temperatures be checked before training? 
Parents must check their child’s temperatures before coming to training. We will also conduct a non-evasive check when students arrive. Coaches temperatures will also be checked upon arrival. 

Where will students leave their bags during training? 
Each student will be given their own designated area. Each area will meet the social distancing rules put forward by the state. 

What happens if a student shows up to training with flu like symptoms?
They will be sent home and parents will be asked to monitor the student and will be contacted by a Universal Soccer Academy official about returning. No Universal Soccer Academy activities will be permitted for 10 days.

What happens if a student in the Universal Soccer Academy (or a family member in the same household) tests positive for COVID-19?
Player CANNOT attend training events until:

  • At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since resolution of fever (defined as 99.5 degrees F) without the use of fever-reducing medications and respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath), and at least 14 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 


  • Resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath), AND…Negative results of an FDA authorized molecular assay for detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from at least two consecutive respiratory specimens collected ≥24 hours apart (two negative specimens).

What happens if a student says they are not feeling well when entering the training facility?
Student will be sent home and parents will be contacted by a Universal Soccer Club official about returning. No Universal Soccer Club activities will be permitted for 10 days.

What happens if a student/coach/family member has been exposed or has COVID 19 symptoms?
Any asymptomatic student or staff member who has been exposed to an individual with a suspected or diagnosed case of COVID-19 would be restricted from participation for at least 14 days and monitored for any symptoms consistent with infection.

Do students need to wear masks during training?
No, students only need to have masks on when entering and leaving the facility, not during actual training. 

Will Bathrooms be available for use at the facility?
While bathrooms will be available students are encouraged to go before heading to the facility. Bathrooms will be sprayed with disinfectant prior to each training session, after each use and locked when training is not in session. Hand sanitizer will be available. 

What happens if a student gets injured during training?
In the event of an injury, staff may assess and facilitate management of the injured individual in accordance with proper first aid management. Family members may participate in injury management as necessary but other students should maintain proper social distance.

Will parents have to stay at training?
In order to maintain the health and safety of our students, the coaches, and their families, parents are directed to remain at the facility (in their vehicles) during all training sessions. If an injury occurs, we would need the assistance of the parent.

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