Academy Information
Universal Soccer Academy is a small but prestigious soccer school. Recognized internationally, Universal provides its students with a structured pathway to success. Our training programs have thus far established our Academy as a true producer of elite soccer players. Universal accepts a minimal amount of students every year to ensure that all the programs are effective. Our programs improve all Academy students leading to peak performance on their teams. 
The Academy specializes in working with players that want to play at the highest level possible. The Academy is only open to players that know soccer is their primary sport.  Academy students are on a mission to be the best soccer players they can be on their own teams. All our programs allow our students to continue playing for their club teams, but use our programs to keep improving themselves throughout the year. We help you as an individual without disrupting your team’s events. 
We are located in Lumberton, New Jersey, USA. Our coaches are fully qualified and are true professionals and experts in player development. We pride ourselves on the specific training programs we design. All our programs are world-class and have a history of producing Champion soccer players.

Universal Soccer Academy has been providing knowledge and training to the world of soccer since 2000. We have been improving the play of advanced soccer players and guiding them through the obstacles youth soccer players face in today’s game. Universal has consulted with soccer players from around the world and helped them improve in all areas of the game both on and off the field. Our students have gone on to compete at all levels of play and compete in the best competitions in the world.
Our Goal
Universal will continue to be the primary producer of elite soccer players. The goal of Universal is to provide our students with an environment that will allow them to improve all of their technical skills, become tactically aware, build physical power, become mentally tough and have superior character. In a disciplined environment, we seek to ensure that our students are first class soccer players and outstanding citizens.
Our Curriculum 
Technical Training Learn all the Skills needed to become comfortable and superior with the Ball
Tactical Awareness Study Formations and Roles and Responsibilities of all Playing Positions
Physical Power Build Physical Power that will allow you to Outwork your competition every time
Mental Toughness Study the Mental Toughness Skills of a Champion
Character Development Be a first Class Teammate, Player and Citizen


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