Coaching Standards
What it takes to be a Universal Coach

All Universal coaches attend our in-house coaching school designed to educate our coaches on the current methods of soccer, and to continue their education in the beautiful game.

Coaches understand our curriculum and training programs the Universal way.

Our coaches are trained and expected to have knowledge of the game, and know how to motivate and understand our students.

As a Universal Coach you are expected to act and think like a teacher. As a teacher you clearly explain the goals of the session, game or activity and share decision making with students. Young players transform into responsible players when allowed to make decisions. Our coaches are trained to know when to allow our students to make decisions and when to step in.
Our coaches are leaders and focus on converting all students into leaders. They influence our students with actions that help achieve a common goal. They listen, encourage, demand. Our coaches gain the respect of their students through hard work, organization and communication.
Coaching Objectives
To have Skilled Players Players that are comfortable with the ball at their feet and able to execute skills naturally
To have Tactically Aware Players Players that have savvy game sense and clearly understand systems and formations
To have Strong Players Players that will outwork opposition every time
To have Mentally Tough Players Players that thrive under pressure
To have Players with Character Players that have respect, responsibilty and leadership

Code of Ethics
Our coaches teach students sportsmanship values by teaching them how to accept defeat, and respect the opposition and officials.
Our coaches take a personal interest to ensure all academy students are improving.
Our coaches enforce all rules.
Our coaches discipline bad behavior.
Our coaches notice the individual doing well and praise him/her.
Our coaches reward students when they deserve it.

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