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Summer Soccer is in Full-Swing at Universal Soccer Academy

Summer Soccer is in Full-Swing at Universal Soccer Academy
August 2018

At Universal Soccer Academy, the 4th of July is not only a national holiday but a reminder that summer soccer is right around the corner. The fall soccer season may still seem a way off, but the students know they don’t have to wait long to play the game they love. Universal’s fields are just as busy in the summer as any other time of year.

On July 16th, Universal’s full-time students continued their year-long program with the start of two weeks of camps. The Youth Development Program (YDP) students aged 9-14 trained each morning from 9:00am-12:00pm, while those in the Senior Development Program (SDP), ages 15-18, had the fields every evening from 5:00-8:00pm.

For the week of July 23rd, the SDP students shared their fields with those participating in the High School Prep and College Prep Camps. The High School Prep Camp was designed to improve the advanced skills needed to be effective teenage players and to impact their high school teams in the fall. The students participated in tactical games and activities to enhance tactical awareness and savviness with and without the ball. The College Prep Camp, for ages 18 and older, was specifically designed for both new and experienced college players, as well as those players participating in competitive adult leagues.  The students were presented with a challenging curriculum to elevate their advanced level of play.

The Young Stars Camp, a program developed to provide a positive, successful initiation into the game of soccer for players aged 5-8, took over the fields on July 30th. This 5-day evening camp introduced the students to proper technique and a solid foundation of skill and game sense. The students started each session learning new skills and concluded with applying their new skills to Micro Games. Watch them in action on YouTube.

Across the fields, the youngsters caught a glimpse of the advanced students participating in our world-class Champions Camp for committed players ages 10-18. The four-day Champions Camp addressed all facets of player development: Technical Skill, Tactical Awareness, Physical Power, Mental Toughness, and Character. The students worked to improve their game both on and off the field, including the development of strong technical ball skills, improvement of off-the-ball movement, and implementation of fitness strategies to improve game performance. The Champions Camp also included a discussion, “Mindset of a Champion,” and character development skills to improve coachability as well as off-field success. Watch them in action on YouTube.

On August 6th, Universal trainers began the Technical Skills Camp, the first of two week-long evening Youth Camps for students aged 9-14. The second Youth Camp, the Attacking & Shooting Camp, will begin on August 20th. Our Youth Summer Camps are intended to help our students develop into players who are comfortable when the ball is at their feet, to improve their off-the-ball movement, to help them understand the basic tactical concepts of soccer, and to teach them how to be effective when on the offensive.

The Universal summer training season will conclude with two more weeks of camps for our YDP students, as part of their intense year-long training program. Students may enter the YDP and SDP at various times throughout the year; however, they must be evaluated and invited to participate. To learn more about our Youth Development Program (ages 9-14) and our Senior Development Program (ages 15-18) -- for serious soccer players who are looking to improve their entire game without leaving their team -- visit our website And Learn More.

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