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Club Development Webinars
Webinar for Players, Coaches, Parents

Club Development Webinars (CDW) designed to provide insight into the mental development tools needed to perform at a higher level. These webinars are useful not only for club players, but for the coaches and parents as well. World-renown player development specialist James Galanis presents the CDW.

Have your player participate in the three highly educational webinars: 

  • The 5 Pillars of a Champion Webinar 
    In this webinar, viewers will learn about the Five Essential Pillars to becoming a Champion. Coach Galanis details the technical skills, tactical awareness skills, physical power, mental toughness, and character development needed to become the best version of you. 
  • Character of a Champion Webinar
    Learn about the Essential Characteristics of a Champion. Coach Galanis digs deep into the character skills he has instilled in World Player of the Year Carli Lloyd, and others who have achieved much success in their soccer careers.
  • Tactical Awareness Webinar
    Coach Galanis breaks the game down and allows you to discover the attacking and defending concepts needed to be an effective player. Viewers will learn the Tactical Movements and insights of each playing position.

If you are interested in offering your club impactful and world class educational webinars, please contact for more information.

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