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mental toughness

The Mental Toughness Program is an online course carefully designed for players seeking to improve their mental strength. Through four 1-hour virtual classes, students will learn about the essential mental skills needed to thrive under pressure.



What Student-Athletes Can Expect:

Joining this class will teach players to control their emotions, handle adversity and prepare their minds for games.

All students will receive a participant guide for each session of the curriculum for taking notes, engaging throughout the program, and to use as a handbook for future success on the field.

A certificate of completion will be earned at the end of the full curriculum.

Session 1

The Five Pillars of a Champion: Without all Five Pillars you simply won’t succeed. Learn the necessary areas of the game 

Understanding Brain Power: Understanding how powerful our mind really is, enables you to possess the tools needed to be mentally tough. Learn how the brain works and harness the power of your mind as an athlete. 

Creating your Self-Image: Without knowing who you want to be you can never visualize the player and person you want to become. In this session, you will develop your own self-image that will serve as a destination point for who you want to become. 

Session 2

Developing your Affirmations: Learn the importance of affirmations and develop your own affirmations that will fuel your confidence and performance levels. 

The Power of Visualization: Preparing the mind through visualization is key to preparing the mind for game day and career goals. Learn how to visualize and create images of how you will play and who you will become. 

Focused to winBeing able to focus during competition is a skill that can be learned. Master the art of concentrating only on what you can control on the field and actions that will help you perform at a high level. 

Session 3

In Search of Perfection: We all strive to be perfect, but the reality is we never will. Learn about the positive and negative effects of searching for perfection. 

Power of Positivity: It’s all too common to walk off the field holding on to the negative parts of your performance. Learn how to feed your mind with positive thoughts and utilize mistakes to fuel your game. 

Game Day Plays: Every player needs a list of plays to be executed in the upcoming game. Learn how to develop your own Game Day Plays and execute them with instincts. 

Session 4

Game Evaluations: Being able to self-evaluate is one of the most important tools a soccer player can have. Without self-reflection, you cannot achieve self-awareness. Learn how to evaluate your performance and improve with each day. 

Game Fuel: Leading up to the game your mind must get into the habit of developing game-day plays that need to be executed. Learn how to develop and use your list of gameplays that will give you the structure for another growing performance. 

Game Day: Once you wake up to the game day it’s imperative that you have the right mindset. Without a mindset that is loaded with confidence, you will not perform at your best. Learn how to prepare your mind on game day through simple techniques that fuel the mind with confidence. 

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