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The 5 Pillars of a Champion 
(Players, Coaches, Parents)

In this seminar, attendees learn about the Five Essential Pillars to becoming a Champion. Coach Galanis details the technical skills, tactical awareness skills, physical power, mental toughness and character development needed to become the best version of you. 


Habits of a Champion

This seminar educates parents on the at-home, training, game day, and teammate habits needed to be an effective soccer player. 


Tactical Awareness 
(Parents, Coaches, Players)

Learn the characteristics of each playing position and the attacking and defending concepts needed to be an effective player. 


Coaching Character

Designed exclusively for coaches, Coach Galanis outlines the importance of coaching character in players. With Character Development being the most important but most neglected part of player development, coaches leave this seminar realizing how important Coaching Character is to their players. 

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