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Universal Soccer Academy provides various seminars that are conducted by our World Class Athletes and Coaches. In these seminars, we provide the audience an insight into World Champion Careers, World Class Coaching and Mentoring. Our Athletes motivate the audience and our Coaches share the secrets to developing champions in soccer and in life.

The goal of these seminars is to take the audience through the lives of the Academy’s finest students and most successful coaches. Attendees of the seminars will clearly understand that success comes with effort, commitment and sacrifice. These seminars are designed to educate and motivate soccer players, soccer clubs, organizations and corporations.


The Characteristics of a Champion (Ages 10 & above)
Join James Galanis as he outlines with great detail the Characteristics of a Champion. This seminar has been instrumental in the mental transformation of players of all levels. Players will learn how a Champion thinks when on the field and off the field. Players will also learn the at home habits needed to be a champion.

Date:  TBD Location: Universal Soccer Academy, 71 Ark rd, Lumberton, NJ, 08048 Make Payment(Click)

Building an Olympic Champion
James Galanis will take you through the career of his prized pupil and Olympic Gold Medalist Carli Lloyd. Galanis has been working with Lloyd for over a decade and has been instrumental in her success. In 10 years Lloyds career has been littered with disappointing moments and glorious moments. Lloyd has always persevered and come up big in big games. Galanis will share this inspiring and motivating story with you.
Date:  TBD Location: Universal Soccer Academy, 71 Ark rd, Lumberton, NJ, 08048 Make Payment(Click)
Raising an effective Athlete (Parent Seminar)
This parent seminar is geared towards Parents. Parents will learn what it take to raise an effective athlete. The at home habits needed, the support system required and taking advantage of team sports. This seminar has been a hit for many years and has helped numerous parents nurture their child and help them blossom in life and soccer.

Date:  TBD Location: Universal Soccer Academy, 71 Ark rd, Lumberton, NJ, 08048 Make Payment(Click)
Universal Soccer Academy Speakers

James Galanis

Director of Universal Soccer Academy and one of the best Coaches/Mentors in the USA. His philosophy has transformed the lives of hundreds of students and helped them achieve their dreams and goals. His philosophies of soccer and of life will inspire and totally transform your thinking.
Carli Lloyd World Class Athlete and scorer of the winning goal at the Beijing Olympics, Carli will take you through her inspirational career that consists of ups and downs as she reaches the top. Her story will captivate you and inspire you to keep faith in your goals and dreams.
Heather Mitts A veteran and two Time Olympic Champion, Heather’s story is one of perserverance and courage. Overcoming many obstacles, Heather never lost sight of her dream and continued to improve in order to maintain her spot in the USA 11 and make it to the 2008 Olympics. Her story is unique and motivating.
Hope Solo The World’s greatest Goal Keeper has a story to tell like no other. Throughout her career, Hope has worked her way through obstacles that would have made many fold. Hope will take you through a journey that will inspire and captivate you.
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