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Personal Training Programs




We offer Personalized Training through our Individual Training Program, Individual Development Program, and Small Group Training. Following a personal evaluation, we customize a specially designed program for each student that addresses their individual developmental needs.



Individual Training

Individual Training (ITP)

Individual Training is personalized training for students looking to work directly with our coaching staff.  Our Individual Training Programs are designed specifically for each student through a detailed evaluation that is conducted before the commencement of the training.  The evaluation serves as a reference that allows our senior coaching staff the opportunity to develop a long-term individualized curriculum that maximizes the growth of our Individual Training students. 

The goal of Individual Training is to give our students the opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses and then work in conjunction with our coaching staff to improve their game.

Cost:  $250
– Technical Evaluation (required for all NEW students)
           $120 – Per 1 hour session (5 session minimum)



Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT)

Our Small Group Training is popular amongst teammates or students that are of a similar playing level. After an evaluation of all students in the group and a determination that the students are at a similar playing level, our Academy will design a program specific to their needs to enhance their entire game further. SGT provides an affordable option for personalized training.

SGT provides a very effective training method that gives our staff the opportunity to be creative in the design of challenging activities. With 2 to 5 students in a small group, our staff can create an environment where students learn the mechanics behind each skill and then execute their skills in motion-driven activities. Students get the opportunity to grow as a group and use each other as tools to improve their game.

All students have to be of similar playing level. 

Cost:  $250 - Technical Evaluation (required for all NEW students within the group)
           $160 - Total per 1 hour session. Fee is split between the students within the group (5 session minimum)



Individual Development Program (IDP)

Individual Development Program (IDP)

The IDP is specialized training for our International and Interstate students. In a la carte fashion, Universal Soccer Academy designs a specific program to help students identify weaknesses and improve their game in a short period of time. 

Students spend up to a week at Universal Soccer Academy loading up on training sessions, physical programs, and mental toughness consultations. 

Incoming students have the options of selecting the below programs to enhance their game. 

Technical Evaluation

Each student goes through skill tests that help us evaluate the mechanics of each essential skill. This evaluation identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Including Juggling, Dribbling, Turning, Foot-Skills, Receiving, Passing, Heading and Shooting. 

Cost: $250 

Physical Evaluation 

Students are tested on their aerobic, non-aerobic, upper body and lower body strength. 

Cost: $175

Mental Toughness Consultation

One of the biggest reason players do not reach their full potential is due to their mental toughness skills. In this consultation, our students receive a one on one consultation that focuses on the 5 Pillars of a Champion and the Habits of an effective soccer player. 


Tactical Awareness Consultation

Using the most modern training software our students learn the functions of their playing positions and study the essential fundamentals needed to be tactically aware when attacking and defending. 

Cost: $190

Individual Training

Specialized training specifically designed for our student based on the Technical Evaluation. Students improve their weaknesses through two hour classes and leave the academy with activities that will help them further improve. 

Cost: $120 per hour 

Training Programs

Universal Soccer Academy has developed programs to address the specific needs of each of our students as they progress. 

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