Small Group Training
2-5 Players

Small Group Training is very popular for teammates and friends.  In a group, Universal will develop an environment where students will get to practice all their essential skills in an Educational Individualized training atmosphere.
The goal of this program is to help students improve together and improve in all areas of the game. Our goal is to break down the essential skills and then create an environment that will allow the students to excel in live motion plays and drills made to develop individual brilliance. Players will improve fundumental execution, attacking sense and defensive instincts.
*Note: This training is most effective when the group of students is of a similar level.  

Small Group Training Topics
Juggles Passing 1 v 2
Footskills Shooting Defending
Receiving Heading Attacking
1 v 1 Crossing Mental Toughness

General Information
Location Universal Soccer Academy (Lumberton)
Dates and Time At a time convenient for you and our staff
Application Player Application Form(all students must submit)
Cost $1200 for 10 sessions.  Students will not be registered in the system until the following is completed:  (Select Payment Option Here)
Students looking to join this program should submit Player Application Form

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