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“James taught me what it means to be mentally tough! To be able to elevate my game and thrive under pressure. Universal Soccer Academy turned my dreams into reality.” 
Carli Lloyd, 2015 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year, World Cup Champion, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Women's National Team

“Universal Soccer Academy laid out a plan that was able to push my limits and allow me to be the best I can be.” 
Julie Ertz, World Cup Champion, USA Womens National Team

“I've had nothing but a positive experience during my years at Universal Soccer Academy. I've been able to hone and perfect my skills which in turn have enable me to play at the highest level.”
Amber Brooks, USA Womens National Team, Seattle Reign FC

"Universal Soccer Academy guided me through the challenges I was facing and helped me stay focused on my dream of becoming the best I could be.” 
Hope Solo, World Cup Champion, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Womens National Team

“From the minute I started training at Universal Soccer Academy, my game improved.” 
Heather Mitts, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Womens National Team

“I'm very appreciative towards Universal Soccer Academy for mentoring me and revolutionizing the way I train as a professional.” 
Yoreli Rincon, Columbian Womens National Team

“My skills went to another level and I was able to gain selection for the U18 National Team.” 
Ryan Finley, USA U18 National Team

“I remember thinking to myself, I’ve learned more in 2 days here than I have in my whole life! I was surprised how much I was able to learn at Universal Soccer Academy.” 
Layalla Da Cruz, University of San Antonio, Brazilian National Team

“The most valuable lesson I took from Universal Soccer Academy is the importance of constantly working to improve, develop, and develop my soccer psyche.” 
Katie Deines, Washington University, USA U23 Womens National Team

“Playing Division 1 soccer is very strenuous on your body—so having a strong fitness base is extremely important—and I feel like my time at Universal Soccer Academy definitely prepared me for that.” 
Anna Dolhansky, La Salle University

“I really like how the trainers teach you the proper technique of each skill and it is super fun.” 
Gianna H., Winter Skillsfest Youth Program

“I enjoy Universal's Winter Skillsfest very much! The training I get helps me improve my footwork skills which I like to use during my soccer games.” 
Elijah F., Winter Skillsfest Youth Program

“I enjoyed improving my foot work. My drbbling has gotten so much better since starting USA.” 
Ryan S., Winter Skillsfest Youth Program





“Galanis is a soccer guru. The director of soccer operations for the Universal Soccer Academy, he has a reputation of turning players into world-class athletes...” 

“Carli Lloyd credits her trainer of 13 years, James Galanis, with much of her success...”

“... his influence and mentorship with Lloyd is most important when trying to understand the No. 10s charge to becoming one of the greats in the womens game.”

“...Galanis comes off like a wizard instructor.”





“Universal Soccer Academy is great! My step daughter does the camp in the summer when she visits from Michigan. She loves it and learns so much.” 
Heather K.

“Alyssa has had such a great experience at Keeper Camp. The training staff is outstanding! You'll definitely be seeing more of her.” 
Lisa M.

“Hannah had another great camp at Universal! Can't wait till next time, Coach Mario!”
Charles M.

“Ava, had a blast today! She is loving the training.” 
Larry B., Oklahoma





The Five Pillars of a Champion was one of the most informative and interesting webinars that I have seen in a while. I really appreciate the manner that Coach Galanis presented the information. He is very detail-oriented and certainly took his time. I have a 12 and 16 year old daughters who both play for the ECNL and want to play for a D1 soccer program in college, so this was extremely important insight. I'm sure Universal Soccer Academy is an amazing organization based on the webinar.” 
Lori D.

The Five Pillars was great! I took three pages of notes writing down every point of The Five Pillars. Amazing listening to the stories of how players came to Coach Galanis and how he analyzed not only physical attributes but their character and mental discipline as well as how many great players were technically proficient but needed to work on the mental side of their game. I enjoyed The Five Pillars.” 

We want to thank you, Coach Galanis, for the opportunity to attend The Five Pillars Webinar. The information that was shared offered our daughter a blueprint to work on. Many times, we have heard she can make it to the highest level but with little constructive feedback on what she needs to do to achieve that. With your knowledge, she was able to self assess and come up with her own plan/goal. It offered her a realistic glimpse of what is needed and expected of top-level players.” 
Anna-Liisa and Olivia 

The webinar was great! I liked it when you explained why the players would do certain things. Like when you explained why the center back may go up and nudge the attacker in the back when their back is turned to the goal. Another thing that I thought was exceptional was the length of detail that you went into for each position, for instance, I had no idea how much wing backs actually have to do during games until you explained their defensive and attacking roles. This was so good that I will be recommending that some of my teammates join your next one! Again, this was great! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars.” 
Michael (age 11)

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