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Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP)



Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP)

What is the MEP? 
The Mentorship Empowerment Program is a year-round program designed to develop Mentally Tough Soccer Players. Through monthly Zoom classes, students will study soccer-specific mental skills needed to be competitive, disciplined, confident on the field, and a resourceful, respectful, motivated individual off the field. 




What does the Curriculum include?

Planning and Preparing 

Power of Visualization

Creating a Self-Image

Perception of Perfection

Dealing with Mistakes

Handling Adversity

Game Day Preparation

Training Habits

Emotional Intelligence

Competing against Yourself

Dealing with Rejection

Being a good Teammate

Being Coachable

Leading from Within

Building Confidence

Believing in the Process

Embracing Challenges

The Power of Self-Talk

Inviting Criticism

Developing Resilience



Students will also be given homework after each session that will help them reflect and develop their own Intelligence Handbook. 

Who will be instructing the MEP?
The MEP will be instructed by Coach James Galanis who has been mentoring world-class athletes for over 20 years. In the MEP he will deliver his knowledge to the students of this exclusive and unique class.         

Why enroll in the MEP? 
Enrolling in the MEP will give students the benefit of being a part of a class throughout the year that focuses and builds the mental tools needed to navigate through the obstacles of being an ambitious athlete. 

What is the goal of MEP?
The goal of the MEP is to educate students on a broad range of topics that will build mental strength and develop a mental map that will increase the chances of success significantly. 

Who can benefit from MEP? 
The MEP is for students that are aspiring to play at the highest level. 

How will the class be formed?
Based on registration classes will be formed with players of similar ages and aspirations. 

When will classes be conducted?
Classes will be conducted on the last Sunday of each month (starting in January 2022). Students that miss the class will have the option of watching a recorded version of the class. Class times will be 7:30 PM EST. 

Can students ask questions in this class?
In each class, students will study soccer-specific development topics (see below) before concluding each class with Q&As by the students. 


Date & Time
January 30, February 27, March 27, April 24, May 22, June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, October 30, November 20, and December 18
7:30 PM EST.

$490 Per Person (Payments broken down into two installments: $245 due in January and $245 due in June.)




How do I register? 
All students must apply through an application form. Once the application has been reviewed by Coach Galanis you will be notified and provided with a link to begin the registration process. 





TERMS OF SERVICE: I agree Universal Soccer Academy shall own all papers, records, books, drawings, documents, manuals, and anything of a similar nature (collectively, the “Documents”) prepared by James Galanis in connection with his webinar. The webinars shall be the property of Universal Soccer Academy and are not to be used on other projects except upon Universal Soccer Academy’s prior written consent. 

Full Webinar Terms and Conditions

Training Programs

Universal Soccer Academy has developed programs to address the specific needs of each of our students as they progress. 

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