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Small Group Training Program

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⚽🚀 Are you a passionate soccer player eager to elevate your game while training alongside like-minded individuals? If so, our SGT program is tailor-made for you. 🌟🏃‍♂️

SGT is exclusively designed for ambitious players dedicated to honing their soccer skills. Here, you'll find a supportive yet challenging environment where you can collaborate with fellow players who share your aspirations and skill levels. 🤝🏆

Within our SGT program, you'll engage in carefully crafted activities aimed at enhancing your individual abilities through a combination of isolated and group drills. We concentrate on essential facets of the game, including juggling, dribbling, footwork, first touch, passing, and shooting, all with the ultimate objective of refining your ball-handling efficiency. ⚽🔥💯


Ages (U8-U15) -  Max 8 Students Per Class

What You Can Expect at SGT?

  • Skill Enhancement: Our SGT program is structured to focus on refining your individual abilities, covering critical areas like juggling, dribbling, footwork, first touch, passing, and shooting. 🌟💯🔥⚽
  • Supportive Environment: You'll find yourself in a nurturing yet challenging environment. SGT is designed for players who share your dedication and ambitions, creating a positive atmosphere for growth. 👥 ⚽ 🤝🏆
  • Exclusive Access: Participation in our SGT program is an invitation-only opportunity. We welcome players who have successfully passed our evaluation process or have established their skill foundation through Universal Soccer Academy. 🎓🔑 🔐
  • Hassle-Free Enrollment: Each week, you'll receive an email invitation to the upcoming class. Securing your spot is as easy as responding to the email. We'll promptly send you a confirmation email with the class time, and payment is conveniently handled on a pay-as-you-go basis. 📧 📅 💳 📩
  • Weekend Sessions: To accommodate your busy schedule, our SGT sessions are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday mornings. This minimizes conflicts with your game days, ensuring you can dedicate quality time to honing your soccer skills. ⚽🗓️🌞

Cost and Payments:

  • Training session fee: $55 per hour. 💲⏰
  • Flexibility to attend sessions as frequently as desired. 💪📅
  • Payment on a per-session basis. 💲
  • Payment methods accepted: Venmo, Cash, or Check (made out to Universal Soccer Academy). 💳💵📝

Schedule and Attending SGT: 

  • Training sessions scheduled on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 🌆📅
  • Accepted SGT participants receive a weekly invitation email every Monday. 📧🗓️
  • If available, simply reply to the email to confirm attendance. ✅📝
  • If unavailable, no need to respond. 🚫📴
  • We reply with confirmed training time which is typically 8:30 AM | 9:30 AM | 10:30 AM. 🕠🕡🕢

Uniform: 👕🩳

  • Before beginning this training, all students are required to purchase a uniform package, which includes a shirt, shorts, and socks, for a total cost of $60. ⚽👟


  • Champions Center, 1A Coleman Court, Southampton, NJ 08088 🏟️📍🌆

Application Process for SGT:

Submit Your Application 📝

  • Start by completing the application form below. Your application is the first step to join our SGT program. 🌟

Evaluation Invitation 📅

  • Once we receive your application, our team will carefully review it. If it aligns with our program's objectives and requirements, you'll be invited to an evaluation session. This step is crucial to determine if SGT is the right fit for you. 🧐

Accepted into the SGT Player Pool 🎉

  • After a successful evaluation, you'll become a member of our SGT player pool. 🌟 This status gives you exclusive access to our program and guarantees regular invitation emails for upcoming classes. 💪⚽

Receive Invitation Emails 📧

  • Every week, you'll receive an email invitation to our upcoming SGT classes. ⚽🔥

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